5 minute read - Living your Best Life!

Have you ever experienced striving for something but then when you achieve it the thing you wanted kind of feels a bit meh!

What I am talking about here is not living your best life as dictated by social media influencers, or well-meaning people telling you what they think you absolutely must do, or even doing things because it’s the logical step.

I am talking about living in accordance with your authentic values. Now many of us aren’t always clear on exactly what our values are, at times we can lose sight of them, they shift and change as we evolve. Buts that’s ok, it’s never too late to take the time to really get in touch with your values or revaluate and review them. It doesn’t take much time at all in the grand scheme of things, easy to slot into a fun filled evening of binge-watching Netflix!

So let’s get things straight, a value is not an end point, it’s not 60-inch TV or an Audi A7, a value is a path or a bearing, an underlying sense of direction that enables us to feel purpose and a sense of validity and meaning. Our values can help us generate goals, for instance I value my family, my health, my learning and holding these values in mind can assist me in creating goals for myself that I can work towards and aspire to. Aligning our goals with our values can be very fulfilling, that’s where the outcome has real meaning for us.

value = goal = meaningful outcome = fulfilment

If you are wondering how to figure out what your values truly are it can be helpful to think about some of these key areas:

à What gives you a feeling of ‘yes I am smashing this!’

à What feels important, note that I am saying feels, get in touch with your emotions and notice what they are telling you about what you are doing

à What makes you feel you have a purpose

à Notice a positive emotion, focus on it and consider what you are doing when you feel this way

If you know what your values are, check in and ask yourself how connected you are with those values right now, are your choices in line with these values? Do you work and home life fit with these values? Are you acting in a way that is in accordance with your values?

If you want to live your best life, values are your key to unlocking your genuine happiness.

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