The Forces Family


Types of problems we can help with include occupationally related PTSD and Complex PTSD, Common Mental Health Problems, Building Resilience and Coping with Transition.

At Fortitude we all have first hand experience of armed forces life; our team have all served in the armed forces and undertaken operational deployments around the world. We can provide a rare level of empathy and understanding. We also know exactly what it is like to be part of a forces family as the spouse of a serving person and then a veteran.


There is no doubt that life as part of the forces family whether it be as a serving member, veteran or family member of a service person brings its own unique challenges and difficulties. It is not uncommon that service people find it difficult to seek help due to stigma and worries about the impact on their career, we understand that concern and can provide a safe and secure way to access the help that they need.

Another concern that might be common is the idea that people just don't 'get it', they don't understand the experiences, the difficulties and the ongoing demands of service life. Our experience means this is not something our clients need to worry about.

Our experience means you don't need to explain what that acronym means or spend precious time in treatment trying to convey your circumstances or the culture in which you exist, we know what it is you are referring to and have experience helping people in your environment and situations on multiple occasions. 

We understand that families who are the support at home, the place that serving personnel return to have their own struggles. It is not easy and the juggling act is often overlooked, we have seen how those weeks and months of separation take their toll on everybody.

If you are a serving member of the armed forces, a veteran or a family member of a service person then we can help you.

We have the skills, the knowledge and the experience. Our reputation within the armed forces mental health service speaks for itself, and you can rest assured that we are DBS and Security cleared.