At Fortitude we have a team of practitioners, carefully selected on the basis of their experience, skills and knowledge. We can provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Eye Movements Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Specialist Mental Health Nurse interventions.


Taking the step to seek therapy is a difficult one and it is important that your therapist is appropriately professionally qualified and registered. Copies of  qualifications can be provided on request. You can also check our credentials with the BABCP, NMC and EMDR UK. 

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Shelley Bradley-Scholey

Founder of Fortitude and Principal Therapist


                                                     'About Fortitude'                                                                   


FORTITUDE was born through a personal journey of adversity during which opportunity was uncovered; in times of hardship we tend to focus our attention on a problem but if we are able step back and view things from a broader perspective tremendous growth can occur. 

As a vastly experienced and highly trained mental health professional with multiple professional registrations, clinical training and leadership qualifications I created FORTITUDE, based on my vision of what psychological therapy and wellbeing support ‘should’ look like.

We strive to provide people and teams with a chance to nurture their inherent resilience and strength, teaching them a philosophy of wellbeing, developing their own tools and skills that will enable them to become stronger through hardship. This will allow them to maintain psychological wellness and thrive in life.

'My Qualifications'

BA (Hons) University of Lincoln

Dip Nursing (MH) University of Nottingham

EMDR Training Level 1-4

PGDip CBT University of Oxford

MSc CBT Research University of Oxford 


Additional Clinical Training:

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Compassion Focussed Therapy

Mindfulness based CBT

Narrative Exposure Therapy

Interpersonal Counselling

Motivational Interviewing

Clinical Supervisor Training

Flash Technique

Dream Completion Technique

'My Experience'

My experience spans a lengthy career in mental healthcare beginning in 2003. I have worked in the NHS, private sector and Ministry of Defence, my knowledge is wide and varied. I have worked with many different types of client groups. During this experience I have developed a vast array of expert skills enabling me to work with problems such as Depression, Anxiety disorders, PTSD and other complex mental health conditions resulting from traumatic life events. 

I have worked in female only mental health settings, and also male dominated environments such as the prison service and military. I have the experience to adapt my therapy to suit you, regardless of age, gender or circumstances. 


Some of my experience of working with trauma has been gained in military service, delivering mental healthcare on the frontline, I have first-hand experience of military life as both a deployed service person and as a military spouse. I hold a full NSV security clearance.

I have successfully helped and treated thousands of individuals. Further to this I have coached, mentored and supervised countless colleagues and trainees helping them achieve their goals, broaden their skills and gain professional accreditations.


'My Professional Accreditations'

Registered Nurse - Mental Health NMC

BABCP Accredited CBT Practitioner

EMDR UK Accredited Practitioner

EMDR UK Consultant in Training


'My Commitment to You'

I believe passionately in helping people to heal and become stronger through adversity, I believe everyone has the innate resilience to overcome whatever difficulties and challenges life causes, provided they have access to the right person to support them with it. I can be that person for you.

Fay Latter

Clinical Associate 

'My Qualifications'

BSc in Mental Health Nursing University of Leeds

PGDip CBT University of Oxford

EMDR Training University of Worcester


Additional Clinical Training:

Cognitive Processing Therapy


'My Experience'

With over 10 years’ experience in working in a mental health setting, I am a passionate cognitive behaviour therapist/ mental health nurse that has worked with a variety of mental health problems. I share in the Fortitude values and goals in delivering effective, evidence-based healthcare. Having recently left the Armed Forces, my background and experience is treating service personnel (ages 16+) suffering from common mental health problems, I have vast experience treating PTSD and other complex presentations. 


It can be daunting to ask for help but is often this first step that leads you on the path to feeling better. The therapeutic approach I offer is none judgemental, compassionate and collaborative. We'll work towards your own goals together, at your own pace.


'My Professional Accreditations'

Registered Nurse - Mental Health NMC

BABCP Accredited CBT Practitioner

EMDR UK Trained Practitioner – accreditation in progress

CPT Registered Provider


​'My Commitment to You'

I achieve excellent recovery rates for my clients because I strongly believe that therapy is individual to that person, working initially on a trusting and strong therapeutic relationship. My approach to psychotherapy is collaborative and flexible, this means that we would take the time to work together through your past experiences if you feel that would be appropriate, look at your triggers and then applying CBT skills to help you overcome problems and make positive, lasting change.